National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) – One Nation, One Health Card

National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) – One Nation, One Health Card

The honourable prime minister of India has announced the scheme as a part of his Independence Day speech which will aim in transforming the health related data like prescriptions, diagnostic reports, medical data, previous discharge summary, allergic information etc into digital platform. The scheme is “National Digital Health Mission”

Every Indian citizen will be given a unique health ID number and data corresponding to it will be stored in the server which will be accessible to the hospitals, doctors who will also be linked into this network subject to the consent of the ID holder.

National Digital Health Mission will be mega revolution in the sector of health which will bring transparency followed by increase in productivity. The patient will get more accurate treatment with the help of the technology. This mission will also provide the liberty along with easiness to the citizen in finding out the right doctor, fixing appointment with them etc. Gradually the insurance companies will also be linked with this scheme. The national health authority has stated that at the initial level it will be created at the discretion of the citizen and will not be mandatory.

It has been currently launched as pilot mode in six union territories. From the basic learning at initial level and suggestions received thereon for improvement it will be gradually implemented on PAN India with the partnership of state government. This mission aims in removing or reducing the gap between doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies and other health care providers.

Key Building Blocks

This mission comprises of six key digital systems or building blocks which are as :

  • Digi Doctor
  • Health ID
  • Personal Health Records
  • Health Facility Registry
  • Telemedicine
  • e-Pharmacy

The NHA CEO Dr. Indu Bhushan has stated that the core blocks of this mission  like Health Facility Registry, Health ID, Digi Doctor shall be owned, maintained and operated by the government of India. Other components can be developed by the private players as well meeting the privacy, security and standards as and when issued.

How It Works ?

  • Under it information pertaining to the health services will be available on the app along with the details of doctors throughout the country.
  • Download the app, register yourself and get a unique health ID.
  • Any past information about test or treatment along with prescriptions has to be digitally saved.
  • When require to consult a doctor, take e-appointment from the right suggestions of doctors.
  • The doctor can remotely access to the digital data and do diagnosis.

Final Thought:

This completely technology based ambitious mission has the potential to be a game changer in the health sector resulting in boosting the health infrastructure. It might face hurdle in rural part because of no or poor internet connectivity. However, India has pushed the Telemedicine service during COVID-19 pandemic which has helped the rural people a lot. Telemedicine which is also one of the pillars may act as support wing in implementation of the mission where internet connectivity may not be proper at the initial phase. Digital literacy and accessing those digital records may be a concern in rural India which may be overcome by proper training. This mission can be successfully implemented only by upgrading the network of internet service provider and digital literacy of people in rural India. The government is running Bharat Net project for the same.

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